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Name Change to this Blog

As you can see, I changed the name of this blog – though I have kept the same URL.

The old title just seemed rather redundant and boring, so I decided to spice things up a bit.  Ha ha ha.  I think this is heaps better.

Sorry for the short, completely uninteresting post, and the lack of anything, really, recently – I feel bad making excuses, but I’ve been busy studying for the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), which is basically a 4 hour long test on things that I haven’t studied since high school.  Yikes.  It’s like Whose Line is it Anyway, where the points don’t matter…but it’s necessary to take (and get a decent score) to get into graduate school here in the US.

It’s dogs bollocks, plain and simple.  I’m going to hibernate like a bear when it’s all over.


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The Seaside Temple

I had an interesting meditation today.  Short, and cut short, but interesting.

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a particularly visual person when it comes to meditations.  Usually it feels like I’m in some sort of void, and anything I visualize soon falls apart and I sink back into the dark.  That can honestly get frustrating at times, let me tell you.  Though this isn’t to say that I haven’t had any visualizations, just…not many.

Today was different.

I was listening to a song by Wardruna, a Norwegian group who focus on Norse spirituality and folk music.  I’ve had successful meditations with this particular song of theirs in the past, and got the inspiration to turn it on and just lay back and relax.

After several repeats of the song, the void sort of…dissipated, and I could clearly see.

A ways in front of me stood a Roman-style temple, complete with the altar set out front.  Although I couldn’t see it, I knew that the temple was close by the sea.  The landscape around it was barren, with very short, hard grass, and a thin gravel path led from where I was standing to the temple.

The atmosphere was…very dull, and very muted.  It was like there was rain in the forecast: the sky was grey and overcast, and the colors of the area were just as subdued.  The grass was more of a dull grey-ish green…kind of hard to describe.  But it was peaceful.

I started down the path, and as I got closer I saw someone standing at the altar.  It was a man, dressed in a pristine toga, and he was in capite velato – with his head covered.  He was walking around the altar, though I don’t know what he was doing – he was probably giving an offering or something.  He looked up and, smiling warmly, watched as I advanced.

I went closer still, and felt a feeling of warmth and comfort that increased with each step.  And then…

my phone went off.  😦  I know, very anti-climactic.

It startled me out of the meditation, so I didn’t have the chance to converse with the be-togaed man, and I didn’t find out whose temple it was.  I only hope that I’ll be able to successfully “go there” again soon, because I’m very curious, and it was very peaceful.  Though I get the feeling typing this that I won’t have much trouble.

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